Commerial & Event Installations

Are you considering a floral installation for your commercial space?  
We are delighted to offer installations designed at Addy & Co that are bespoke & completely unique to your business

Why add a floral installation to your business?

Increase Brand awareness

Improve the look of your storefront

Create social media awareness

To stand out from the competitors

Investing in everlasting floral displays for your business has many positive effects. The impact it creates will leave a positive impression on your existing and potential customers. It also allows your business to stand out from the competition and boost your online and social presence.

The use of dried & preserved flowers is a much more sustainable choice compared to fresh flowers. An added investment benefit of everlasting installations is ability to rearrange or repurpose the existing design when your business evolves. The long-lasting nature of dried & preserved flowers sets the foundation for an ever-evolving creative project to match your business needs. 

We normally recommend an initial site visit or consultation prior to providing you with a detailed proposal.

If you have an idea, simply get in touch with us today